Very fine original Vienna Biedermeier Regulator from 1830

Case: Walnut, door has a lock, length 65"
Movement: One weight, time only, 6 weeks duration, big gears, seconds bit above the six, train for the weight in the middle of the dial

one piece porcelain dial, full seconds metal pendulum (length 40") knife edge suspended, pendulum bob on both sides brass, weight is brass, handmade very fine hands;

The photos shows the clock with a new dial. I have the old original one (in bad condition) where the signature is unfotunately illegible. You can read only the last two letters "tz" where the clockmaker works. A nice clockfriend from USA told me that he has nearly a similar movement. This movement is signed with Franz Walter in Konitz. Therfore i think it is the same clockmaker. Konitz is a city in Poland (in 1830 part of Preußen - Germany).